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Greetings moms! If you didn’t know by now i’m your biggest fan and I love you all because “You are the dearest. That said, I do not wish to provoke anyone who reads this, i just simply felt a need to write about it. I was asked a question from a business associate, and the questions was, do you spoil your little boy? This was a fair and harmless question due to the nature of the ambiance and the many vodka martinis that was being passed around at the holiday party I attended.

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While i have been guilty of this in the past, I do understand the consequences and in many cases the repercussions that parents face as a result of spoiling their children. As i was asked this question, I felt the the eye of scrutiny from a far, as a few other parents conversing and listening in.. My answer was Yes and No! My readers will develop the No part of the answer as it rises, and as it should, after reading this.

if a mom has continued to spoil their children well into adult years. If it wasnt a healthy spoil, then i feel that at that point it is much too late and now has become a bigger problem. Some parents may spoil either one of their children and even more so, especially if there’s just one child in a home. I can certainly understand those reasons. A lot of moms are even guilty of spoiling their boys well into those manhood years. I question if this Is at all healthy for the young male adult. I believe a young male adult should have the know how of accepting his responsibilities and not relying on others in his quest on becoming an adult. There’s nothing worse than an adult bratty man complaining and not getting what he wants.

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Is this a healthy developement for men to grow into if Moms are always there bailing out their bratty sons whenever they continue to make numerous mistakes? Or, does mommy’s consistent bail-out transcends to something that could perhaps have more serious consequences because the boy is unprepared for the harsh reality of life?

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Does spoiling a child corrupts the young male version of responsibility? How about his version of accountability? Would he become any less of a man if he depended on his Mommy all the time? Once an adult, if he’s luckily enough to get married, what if his wife realizes how much of a mommys boy he really turned out to be? Is this fair to her? What if she didnt realize this before she married him and now saddened with disappointment?

What are the residual affects of a man that’s indoctrinated with being a “Momma’s Boy”



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I hope everyone had a safe and scary “Halloween 🎃” Now that daylight savings time has officially ended, We can all benefit from that extra one hour. May we use it wisely. Im sure most of my “Mommy Dearest friends may want nothing more but to put that time right on a pillow after all the trick and treating with the kids. Trust me, i understand. There’s nothing worse than little Timothy on a 45 minute accelerated sugar high, well after you found out that he sneaked into the bathroom and ate twenty five pieces of Jolly Ranchers 😳..So you moms will probably need to salvage every extra minute for your sleep right now lol.

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Whatever you do with your extra hour is all up to you..For my first day, Im giving about 20 minutes to write this blog, add an additional 20 minutes to read my fellow bloggers wonderful posts. Then I can use my last 20 minutes to get in some exercise. Now im ahead of the “Fall-Back.” I think I can get use to this until March or so of next year when DST begins again.

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As “The Fall-ing” Part 2 now begins, from a broad perspective, it’s still quite dark in many places. However, that happens sometimes, as it did here, but there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel. Seeing us all, from coast to coast, pushing through these times with courage and perseverance makes me grin with hope. Our families and friends are still going strong, so keep pushing, and we will all get through this together ❤


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“The Distinguished Gentleman”

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It begins on a Fall day while on Broadway! A Foreign espresso steams from my petite porcelain cup, along side a very tasty French apple caramel spandauer. This delicate sweet treat at “Ole & Steen is a fall season favorite in Manhattan, and only available during the month of October! It’s also one of my fav-5 places to lounge for a midday brunch at least once a weekend out of a month in New York City. While i haven’t worked in the area of Wall St. in a long time, I can say it was a moment of nostalgia..The weather was absolutely great, and while the repercussions of covid-19 still has its play on social distancing seating when it comes to outdoor dining, I was perfectly fine with accompanying the bench outside right next to the rose Bush!

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As i lounge and sip on my french Latte, I’m taking notice of the weekend patrons, and the stand out corporate execs that are in line wearing suits, and carrying Italian leather briefcases on a late Sunday morning. I couldn’t help the resistance to feen for that cuban cigar that sits helplessly inside my hooded blazer pocket. This vine moment had re-ignited someone within myself, whom which I refer to as “The Distinguished Gentleman” but only for a little while. This nostalgia had reminded me that even though i’m a single dad, i am mostly a father, and a good man always hard at work. However, this was a different kind of feeling. I didnt feel a diminish of confidence in those areas of being a man, because I have always been a positive, and confident gentleman. While I hold my head up high, and always proud of whom I become as a father, an educator, medical practitioner/ philanthropist, I also have great family and friends. In contrast, my thoughts and thinking became a bit dissatisfied as I felt a need to grow far more greater than who I am today. It was kinda weird, and it’s not Halloween yet so I was not wearing a cape trying to portray a superhero! So I thought again and said to myself, wait a minute MisterRick, maybe its just the extra shot of the French espresso thats boosting up these feelings of strength and immortality.

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I begin to think, in a world that’s becoming more and more bizarre and obvious not in it’s proper course of alignment with the universe, i’ve come to the conclusion that we all have a built-in mechanism within ourselves that enables us the power to achieve greatness. Whether we wish this for ourselves or not and perhaps most of us are content with the status quo…and thats fine too. As I contemplate and come to the realization that “WE ALL HAVE THE POWER” We just have to find a way to channel that explosive energy as soon as we feel it! Maybe yoga, or meditation or even hire a monk to try and get it out, but it is within us all. Once obtained, I urge all to take it and apply it to whatever it is that you do! You will shine because you mastered it.

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As i pat dab both corner sides of my mouth with the cashmere cloth napkin, I take one last breathe to inhale the calm scented rose bush that flourishes next to me, I say to myself, this is our world, and let us not take it for granted. If we can keep our minds pure with thought, then the world we create for ourselves would manifest and reflect just as clear…


“The Distinguished Gentleman”

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The most beautiful wonder of the world. All the living species on the planet is at her mercy. Humans, plants, animals and insects. Even microbial forms of life counts. So technically in actuality, All life matters, but thats for another blog.

Every living organism was birthed in some shape form or fashion from the mother of its existence. From the smallest fish in the pond, to the depths of the seven seas, we owe it all to our “Mothers-Nature. This entity has nurtured and influenced life in itself with love, caring in healing, and providing those characteristics from the infancy stages to adult hood/growth. How it conquers and reigns supreme over most of nature, puts me in salutation of acknowledgement and in its presense I take a bow.

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While a Mothers-Nature can develop an endangered climate change over time, it’s imperative that we keep her environmental growth consistently friendly, loved, and kept organically green! We’ve all seen what can derive from harsh winters, severely hot summers, tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornados. This will continue to occur, if we do not display the care for our “Mothers natural planet and the mom that lives in her parallel existence. While this is one of many fierce forces of her nature, the beauty you’ve once witnessed just a birthday ago, can become one of the most dangerous and vicious nature to inhabit, and her beauty that she onced possessed, can possibly be gone forever!

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While this can perhaps be quite often predictable by science and sometimes not, it is our duty to remain diligent in providing the organic rules to our environment, and most importantly the respect to our Mothers in which they deserve…

We naturally inherit the humane quality characteristics from our “Mothers-Nature, however, “The Mother of all Nature, is our planet…#TakeCare



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September 22, @931am EDT this morning, Autumn has officially arrived! I don’t know about the rest of you, but in my opinion, this is the best time of year. Its when the summer humidity finally starts to fade away and more dry winds begin to pick up causing the leaves to fall. Its a beautiful thing. I usually love to travel to Miami every first week of October, and enjoy a night spot at Mangos, because the weather is so amazing at this time. After my fall trip from Miami I start to get into the vibe of enjoying all of the Halloween festivities that comes to town.. Theres plenty to look forward to do with the kiddies. Who wouldn’t love a trick or a treat and the guilty pleasure of a fried Oreo cookie at a community festival once a year. I know I do!

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I can almost claim with a certainty that you feel as I do, that we are all kids at heart and if you have children then you know what i mean. We live through them. We know what once made us happy as a child, so we’ll try to instill those same fundamental activities into our children. We were all Toys R’ Us kids at one time or another. So I say, Once Autumn arrives, its game on for fun and excitement for the precious little ones. They deserve the most fun out of this last quarter of 2020

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As parents, we are going to have to get a little creative if our Fall-ing Autumn has to be compromised by being semi- quarantined. While we may be at home for this Halloween, theres still alot of fun you can have in the home of course. I love Pumpkin picking and Carving, Making pies, arts, crafts at home and watching a Goosebump movie!

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Today being the very first day of Autumn, the CDC has put out new specific guidelines (that pretty much all of America would have to abide by for good reason) already for Halloween. I have read the guidelines and its pretty much cancelling Halloween activities. As every state differs I would advise parents to just find out what would be the deal in your local state/city community.

As it appears Autumn has begun, it just might feel like





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Hola Senora,

My name is MisterRick, and i cant help but to notice that you’re crying. Are you okay Senora? As she replies emotionally, Yes, I am okay senor’ please excuse me, i just needed a minute to be in my feelings. As i reached in my hoodie blazer for a hanckerchief to hand her, I stated, I’m sorry for whatever it is that’s making you cry.

In a soft sniffle breath she replies, “it’s ok senor,’ I was just watching you with your child over there in the playground, and you just reminded me of my family, thats all. This is where my husband and daughter use to come every Sunday for a picnic.

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As I took notice that she mentioned her family in past tense, I immediately felt sympathetic towards this woman of the park. She begins to speak again with a low melancholy voice and states “You see, MisterRick, right now, I’m choosing to be here instead of at home today because being here brings me serenity right now. It helps me feel closer to my family so i’ve been coming here for the past several weekends. I replied with a concerned question. I’m sorry, and if you don’t mind me asking, where is your family right now while you’re alone in this park?

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As she stared at me with glassy sunlit watery eyes for a few seconds without speaking, the light breeze whistled gently across her lustered hair over her forehead, displaying a distinctive beauty! She had my complete attention. She replied to me stating, How she use to feel so lucky being in this country and that now her family hopes and dreams have diminished severely. She starts to explain that over a month ago her family was stripped apart by I.C.E (Immigration Custom Enforcement) Patrol officers that took her husband and daughter out of their home. During this horrible event, she was away in another state nursing her dying mother who is suffering with cancer. Officers of The U.S. broke down her apartment door at around 6am removing the husband and daughter. Neighbors, and witnesses stated that I.C.E officers were aggressively rude, and scaring the hell out of the children. Putting kids and adults in trucks with cages as though they were criminals. It has been six weeks since shes seen them.

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I extended my hand to her and we exchanged cell numbers and I will give her as much assistance and support as I can. If we are alive and well, then it is our duty to help fight for others to be well. For Any Man, Any Woman and Especially Any Child. No matter race, religion, color, or sex.

We are Human-So let’s start to be Humane💜



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This is a short read because i just would like to reflect a little focus on one of the highest mountains to climb in the world.. This landmark is of such structure and beauty. its strengths magnifies when its the coldest of months. To stand this powerful appears megaless, as if she always existed! This wonder of the world attracts humans of all ethnic races, and cultures from around the world. She has the attention from the strongest men. The beauty of her attraction is that it’s captivating by most and many have tried to climb her and being over 29,000 feet high, that’s more than one hell of a climb. Very few have succeeded. Many has perished while approaching her high altitudes, however, The Mom-Everest still persists and continues to climb. She is the rock, she is the mountain! She is sometimes under appreciated by some and also at times ridiculed by the one she loves most when being a wife, but she still climbs.

While some may argue or debate, her adventure seems like an impossible one, and she is aware and never scared!

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As a Man, I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I would not even attempt to climb “The Mom-Everest mountain simply because i would begin to decay in about a week! All I can do is recognize and shine the light on All the “Mom-Everest out there with the highest respect, honor and gratitude for all you do. Whether you climb alone, or with the ones you love, let blessings be at your front door to get you to the top of your mountain! Respect, and Love!


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I dont know why I chose to write today, but my hearts actually feeling a certain type of way. I’ve dealt with my share of heartache over time and certainly by losing loved ones to Covid-19. Now today I am having rememberence of what happened on what I call the most horrifying day to me and to our country. Today is one that family, friends and people should come together and ‘RememberSeptemb-ER’911.

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NY/NJ residents are more likely to have known someone or has had a friend who knew someone that has been lost on that tragic day..Here on the East coast, those Twin Towers employed people from all over the tri state area of NY, NJ, CT, PA and even as far as DC there were commuters to the towers on a daily basis.

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Being born and raised in the New York Metropolitan area I thought I could’ve said that “I’ve seen it all. Until that day I witnessed one of the most horrifying events of my life unfold while driving along the NJ Turnpike that fateful morning. When the first tower was hit, you can see the smoke for miles. When the second tower hit shortly after, most of the city pretty much was in a frenzy and knew there was an attack right in our backyards on American soil. It reminded me at that time of a movie I’d seen in the 80’s called “Red Dawn” It was a scary moment. I was driving a convertible at the time and was forced to pull over in the shoulder lane on the NJ TurnPike, because most of the exits were being shut down. While I was sitting along the shoulder side of the highway for a few minutes I was facing east, im watching what appeared as a piece of the sky become a mass of dark smoke move slowly across the Hudson River into New Jersey, like a massive phantom and just right before I was about to push the button on closing my convertible Top, a dark shadow overcame my whole vehicle and the one next to me. Once I looked up, in awe, and to my surprise, there was a Black Stealth Bomber Jet hovering over my car, sitting in the air so silently and without any movement! I felt as if I would try and stand up in my drivers seat, my head would hit the bottom of the stealth fighter jet. It hovered for about 10-15 seconds and then shot like a dart across the hudson river back into New York. it was literally seconds!

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I felt a fear that I have never experienced before. At that moment I started to call all my family and love ones to assure that their safe. The cell phones back then was not as quick as they are today and the anarchy and volume of flooded calls made it quite difficult to reach people. Lines were being dropped almost every call. It was surreal! I finally got through to most family and was relieved that everyone was safe. However, the one person that never picked up the phone was my dear friend that I never got to see again! She worked in the second tower that went down.

She is the reason I am writing this and just like the thousands of others thats mourning right now, I am one of them. We as a country shall mourn with strength together from what took place that fateful day!

I write this for her, because I Loved her, she was beautiful, she was special, and she was a mom! So Today I Tell My friends….

Pleaselistentomommy today and REMEMBERSEPTEMB-ER’911


As we slowly unofficially end the summer of 2020 we soon begin to approach the autumn of this Fall-en year. (no pun intended there)

Are we prepared for the last quarter? While the unexpected remains to be seen, we can accept this cool down period to reflect and analyze what has occurred thus far and possibly try to imagine what’s next. While I’m not an advocate for worrisome folk, I do however, require specific forms of security in my life and my loved ones. As this year has been definitely one out of the abyss and uncertainty. During this final quarter of the year “My Mister-Thesis’ would like to encourage and empower ‘ALL of us together to keep on pushing with the wisdom, strength and the beauty that we all pocess with whatever it is that comes along with the territory and accept the new norm. Create an ambiance of clarity while practicing to be a good listener, deading impulsivness nature and thinking before reacting.

Perhaps maybe we can start off the new season with a soft cup of tea ☕or a smooth chilled glass of makers mark, or whatever it may take to sail these new waters.

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Create your balance now and then proceed forward for the unpredictable fourth quarter. So just for a moment lets give this year the “Blockbuster slogan that we all can remember to “Please Be kind and rewind



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“Moms Are the Dearest!”

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Heyy Moms!! its back to school time and Covid-19 is still in the building! What are we parents suppose to do!? Remote learning? Three days in school and 2 days at home?

Have our children wear a mask all day in class!? WTF Really? Our kids are so confused and we as parents doesnt really know what to say! I’m one of them. lol..Its a mess and we all want our babies safe and secure! Every Covid-19 state differs all across our country..So i was just wondering if there’s an emotional affect that this is carrying on all of us!? Perhaps, but just hang in there, because you are dear!

While it seems the rules are changing every single day, i just want to make sure as parents, that we dont forget about our kids fragile mentality. The confusions they posess that’s hidden in their minds! They are afraid to go back to school and needless to say afraid of what has been hot topics on world news lately..Mommy Dearests are human too but to feel the need to understand and take a step back to remember what a child’s mind can imagine, and remain diligent in including positive reassurance into our children and reiterating that “All will be fine.

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That said, we must massage their intellectual feelings that our children may manifest during this time…Mommy Dearests are so stressed just by worrying day by day what the heck is going to happen next and/or what should I do now! Only because it’s a new day everyday! Let me be the first to say, please listen to our children right now, they can sense, and they certainly can feel the atmosphere more closely than we can right now. So when we think we are most right with our in touch feelings towards our children, then we should think again, because we are more than likely to be incorrect towards our emotional stance when it comes to them..

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Our kids are on the front lines during these times!! So once again, Please “Dontlistentomommy,